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There is a disconnect today between most Americans and the principles upon which the nation was founded. Even many who claim to love and cherish the Constitution are fundamentally ignorant of some of the key principles that lay behind it, as well as of much of its meaning and intent. The following is my recommended reading for all Patriots and Lovers of Liberty everywhere, and the best part is all of these books are in the public domain and available free for your Kindle or other e-reader devices.

The Bible. If you look over the writings of all of the various Founding Fathers, you’ll find they quote the Bible more than any other book. The principle of Natural Law, is founded on Biblical principles of morality. Liberty, in the American sense, cannot be separated from Christian principles. In order to regain our Liberty, and not repeat the disastrous and wicked French Revolution, each of us must turn back to God and holy living before Him. To do this we need to spend time daily studying His Word, both Old and New Testaments.

The United States Constitution Sadly, many American’s have never even read the Constitution. I strongly suggest all Patriots read the Constitution frequently enough to be able to reference it from memory as needed.

United States Bill of Rights The Bill of Rights was established as compromise between the Federalists and the Anti-Federalists and was written with the sole purpose of providing a legal check and balance system against perceived weaknesses in the Constitution. It should be viewed not as granting any rights, but rather as guaranteeing the legal protection of pre-existing rights under the Natural Law.

The Declaration of Independence The Declaration sums up the principles which formed the framework for both the American Revolution as well as the American Constitution. When we stay true to these principles we stay true to ourselves, to God, and to His Natural Law and cannot go astray as a nation.

The Federalist Papers Written by Alexander Hamilton, James Madison, and John Jay the Federalist papers explain in greater detail the intention and meaning of the various parts of the Constitution. Many of the questions and misinterpretations of the Constitution that are common today would not occur if citizens had first read the explanations given for key clauses.

Anti-Federalist Papers This is the only link I will be providing that there is a charge associated with, they are 99 cents, you can get a free Audio version here. The Anti-Federalist papers represent the strongest of the opposition that arose to the new constitution and will also help to clarify the importance and meaning of the Bill of Rights. In many cases, the worst case scenarios the Anti-Federalists laid out have proved to be the case. I don’t believe this discounts the value of our Constitution, but it should serve to remind us that our system can only work when the people are watchful and vigilant in protecting their liberty.

Commentaries on the Laws of England Sir William Blackstone’s classic work on England’s common law system, was one of the most popular books in the United States, and has been blamed for the libertarianism that sparked the American Revolution. The book serves as treatise on the concept of Natural Law, and is widely held to be the second most quoted book among our Founding Fathers after the Bible. Blackstone’s commentary lays a solid foundation for gaining a full understanding of the now nearly forgotten concept of Natural Law.

Life of Washington Vol. 1
Life of Washington Vol. 2
Life of Washington Vol. 3
Life of Washington Vol. 4
Life of Washington Vol. 5

Written by John Marshall, and taken entirely from Washington’s own memoirs and correspondence, Life of Washington serves two-fold as the oldest history of the discovery and founding of the United States as well as in depth look at the man we call “The Father of Our Nation”. George Washington is, perhaps, the most remarkable American of all time and deserves the careful study of all Patriots.

Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death Patrick Henry’s “Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death” speech is one of the most inspiring reads on the necessity of Liberty out there. It captures the spirit of the American Revolution, and will reawaken that same spirit in the hearts of all lovers of liberty.

Common Sense The book that might have saved the American Revolution. Common Sense, along with the other writings of Thomas Paine, began at a critical juncture of the American Revolution. It served to stir people to stick with the Revolution despite having suffered several defeats, and clarified the absolute necessity of breaking away from Great Britain in order to pursue liberty.

This is my short list of reading for those who want to rediscover American liberty, and the principles from which it stems. Overtime I will add more to it, in the meantime if you have a public domain book you would like to see added email

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