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The Blood of Christ and the Blood of Abel

A Reflection on Hebrews 12:24

The blood runs down my hands,
And it trickles to the ground,
My heart sinks deep into a chasm of despair,
At the though of what I’ve done,
And then done again
It’s been a losing battle for me,
I would restrain myself,
But I am unable,
I lack the strength to resist alone,
And so again I act in my weakness,
And blood is shed in sin,
I begin to weep,
But the real nightmare has only just begun,
Because as though my own guilt did not condemn me enough,
The blood cries out from the ground,
It calls day and night for vengeance,
To the God of heaven who I know is Just and will surely answer
The sound of judgment rings in my ears again and again,
And I know that the wrath is coming,
I am fully condemned,
I cannot deny the blood shed
Here am I damned and doomed in my sin.

But thanks be to God there is other blood,
Sprinkled upon me,
My Great High Priest,
The one called Savior,
The one who is ever with me,
Who loves me beyond all measure,
Christ Jesus!
His Blood now runs over me.
It washes me with it cleansing power,
And it speaks a better word,
Than the judgmental word spoken by the blood of Abel
It cries out day and night before the throne of God most high,
It demands forgiveness and mercy
It satisfies the wrath of God,
And sprinkled with it I now boldly come,
Before the throne of grace,
And God speaks to me face to face.
All that I have ever been is gone,
All that I have ever done is forgiven,
All I am is swept up in the matchless glory of Christ,
Because the blood of Christ speaks a better word.

Daily Scripture Meditation

Judges 4 recounts the story of Deborah and Barak and their defeat of Sisera, who up to that time had been oppressing Israel. In verse 9 Barak has the honor of killing of Sisera taken from him and given to a woman because of his demand that Deborah go with him into battle.

The mistake of Barak, is a very common mistake among people of Faith today. Barak was desperate for the presence of the prophetess, rather than the presence of God. It would have been viewed much differently if Barak had refused to go up unless the Spirit of The Lord go with Him, but instead he wanted the presence of the Lord’s minister.

How often we are guilty of seeking the servant when we ought to be seeking the master. It is very easy to get caught up with one good teacher, or a particularly capable minister of the Gospel; but when we do this we very often lose sight of their master. There is nothing wrong with seeking the wisdom of others, particularly those who have a deep anointing of the Holy Spirit on their lives and a deep understanding of God’s Word; but we must use caution not to miss the voice of the Spirit in the multitude of human voices.