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Why I’m Part of the Constitution Party

In the wake of the mistreatment of Ron Paul’s supporters at the Republican National Convention last year, for more info see video; many libertarian leaning voters have been looking not only for a candidate (many voted for Libertarian Gary Johnson) but for a party. From my perspective the results of last years primaries were clear, the Republicans are to far gone for there to be any kind of liberty movement within the party. The occasional congressman or senator may slip through, but there isn’t going to be any change of the party. Any change that takes place will simply be squashed by the higher ups in the party. That said, while I did proudly vote for Ron Paul in my state’s primary, I have been working towards a different solution, and have recently taken a more active role in the Constitution Party here in my home state.

For my part this has been a bit of a journey, a journey that I think will also help guide a discussion of why I believe the Constitution Party to be the best place to entrust your vote. It began for me in 2008, I considered the differences between John McCain and Barak Obama to be nominal at best and was looking for a candidate who represented my values. I found one in Constitution Party Candidate, Chuck Baldwin. I began following Chuck’s column and continued to become more active in working towards restoring our nation to its original form as a constitutional republic.

2010 was a tipping point, I feel very strongly that it is going to be primarily state level change that brings our nation back to where it ought to be. I was very interested in State Sovereignty and the nullification process as the only way we could retake our liberty. For this reason I felt it was of paramount importance that we have good state governments. I was pretty passionate during the primaries, which are in my opinion the only good opportunity to choose a good candidate from one of the 2 major parties, and strongly advocated for several qualified candidates among my friends, neighbors, and colleagues. With the rise of the so called “Tea Party” movement, there were also a handful of decent candidates running nationwide that I kept an eye. In the end I was pretty disappointed, the candidates who ended up on the ballot in my state were quite poor, and nationwide most of the key races I followed went badly. In addition, many of the supposedly constitution loving “Tea Party” candidates have since proved to be nothing more than nasty big government Republicans rebranded.

It was then that I was so disgusted that I decided to do something about it. I had never been a Republican, but I wanted to be part of the change. So I signed up to participate with our local Constitution Party. I wasn’t more involved up until this point for a variety of family reasons, but 2012 like 2010 pushed me even further. I was struggling somewhat in choosing between Constitution Party candidate Virgil Goode, and libertarian Gary Johnson. The Free & Equal debates went poorly for Mr. Goode, and I felt a little more aligned with Mr. Johnson except on a couple of very key issues. That’s when I saw this video of the Baldwin-Nader debate from 2008. Pastor Baldwin laid out the essence of the Constitution Party platform so articulately that I knew I could do something I had never done before. I could vote for a man because I trusted his party.

In the last few weeks I have been moving towards a more active role, working on bringing my membership up to date and actually getting involved with my local party, so long as they’ll have me I’ll keep getting more involved as I’m able. Here in short are the reasons I believe the Constitution Party embodies the type of change I spelled out in No Magic Bullets:
*The Constitution Party is primarily active at the state level working to bring liberty minded candidates onto the ballot in state and local elections. This has several key consequences:
*In local elections, people are more important than money. This means their candidates
actually have a chance of winning, as opposed to Libertarian party candidates who at least in
my area are a once every 4 years flash in the pan.
*This keeps liberty candidates, and the notion of voting third party before the public eye.
Something that can’t be done in national elections because the debates are closed.
*Should it be unusually successful in winning state elections, this will allow for movement on
the State Sovereignty and nullification movements at previously unseen levels.
*The values of the Constitution Party, while diverse, represent liberty with faith. As opposed to some of the more anarchistic factions of the libertarian movement that are opposed to rule of law as a whole.
*The Constitution Party is consistent. I have always said that a libertarian (person not party member) is nothing more than a Republican or Democrat who has taken his ideals to their logical conclusions. The Constitution Party rejects the phony left-right schizophrenia that embraces certain liberties and not others, and instead advocates for a consistent, Constitutional, and pro-liberty approach.

I could go further, but I will let this list suffice at this time. Let me just sum it up to say, that if you love the liberty movement but are tired of trying to reform the unreformable, if like our nations founders you want faith with your liberty, then the Constitution Party is for you. For more details on Constitution Party values, watch the Baldwin-Nader debate or go here.