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The Weeping Revival

This message has been processing deep within my heart for several months, it became crystal clear during the national outrage following the tragic shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

The heart of the American people has grown calloused. Not only is it hard in its response to the movements of God, but it is rare that anything tragic enough happens to move it to response. In a fit of self seeking and hedonistic pleasure, our people have buried their real emotions deep within in their breasts lest they be made to feel guilt or pain.

Despite the obvious historical signs that our nation is going down the path of Rome and other fallen nations before it, none dare care. Despite living in a world that gets smaller each day, a world where all know first hand about the lives of those living in poverty, slavery, and hopeless sin; none dare care. Despite the rape of our children by lies they here from the media, the music industry, their peers, and our public education system; none dare care. Despite the damage done in every home and family across the nation by divorce, pornography, hatred, and distrust; none dare care.

Therefore the Holy Spirit will fully withdraw Himself from our land, until such a time as we are able to weep over what we have become. The next revival, will not be ushered in by a fresh out pouring of prophecy, of power, of tongues, or of any such gift as we have so desired; rather it will be ushered in when the spirit of weeping is restored to our land.

Have you wept in your prayers lately? Contemplate your own condition before a just and holy God. We have taken the cross, the ultimate mark of suffering and grace, for granted. It is time to remember that the grace we all claim so lightly to cover our sins came at an incredibly high price. The Son of God offered Himself fully to experience the wrath of God on our behalf. For this reason, I call on the people of God to weep over the condition of their own hearts. We have become altogether cynical towards the most precious gift we ever received, let us turn to God in tearful repentance for our sins.

How about the lost, have you wept for them? There are over 6,000 people groups in the world today who have never even heard the Gospel you and I take for granted. Every day they live and die in total ignorance to great salvation Christ offers freely to all. India and China saw more baby girls aborted in the last decade through gender selective abortions than the total female population of the United States. You want to know what is really sad about this? It is that those who died in their mothers wombs had a better life than those who will now grow up in a Christless existence. As the people of God, the soul purpose of our being called out as a body, a church if you will, is to bring Christ’s salvation to the lost. It is time to weep over our failure and inaction.

Have you wept for the sins of our nation? The actions of the United States have caused the name of Christ to be blasphemed all over the world. Our sin and depravity has become to the world a public spectacle, revealing what a “Christian” nation is really like. Our churches, more often than not, only try to change our society through elections and government action. Oh, how timid we have become of trying to be a life changing force in our communities and cities. Will you take weeping action to address the sins our nations stands condemned of as our judgment comes upon us?

Friends, sure judgment is coming on America for the sins of her people. As the people of God we can respond with tears and weep, not over the coming wrath and the end of our prosperity, but over our own participations in the sins for which we must be judged. When we at last turn and weep before God, then, and only then, will the Spirit of God again rest on our people and give us the wisdom necessary to become what we were made to be. Until then, the days of our prosperity have been numbered and will soon end.