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Super Human

I’m no superman,
How frequently I fail,
In fact I’m super human,
Held back by seemingly super failings,
And a frequent inability to accomplish the task at hand,
I have so many responsibilities,
Resting on my shoulders,
Other lives depend on mine,
And the eyes that watch and voices that repeat my words,
Fill my heart with fright!
What can I do?
What if I give all and come up wanting?
What if the best I have,
Proves to simply be not enough?
I frequently fail in small things,
What if I fail in large things?

Then I hear your voice,
Child, you never had to be adequate on your own,
I have been adequate for you,
You were unable to redeem yourself,
So I took on flesh,
And paid the ultimate price to bring you back,
I am the only one Sovereign in the universe,
I alone never fail,
But I am upholding you by my right hand,
To prosper the work of your small, childlike hands,
Give me all that you have,
Put all of yourself into the life I’ve given you,
And I will supply the lack,
My grace will make up the difference,
As for you trust Me.

As I struggle through each day,
And pour my whole heart out,
I work harder and harder,
But my heart slowly gives out,
What am I really doing worth living for?
You’ve given me a call and a purpose,
But it feels so far away,
Like a future I’ll never reach,
The world is full of tragedy,
Crisis strikes nearly everyday,
Billions of people are hurting,
Each day countless number perish without you,
So much evil continues to progress,
And what can I do to hold it back?
I know you’ve called me to serve you,
To join your mission to redeem,
But I feel so powerless in a world spiraling out of control.

Your voice calls out yet again,
Who put you where you are child?
Did not I?
The balance is precarious in each and every life,
The smallest of kind words,
The most insignificant contribution,
In my hands can become,
A source of life for generations,
See the seed planted in the ground,
How for many days it appears lifeless and dead,
And then suddenly it springs forth,
And eventually brings forth food,
So is each and every action,
If committed to my plan,
You are on the path of becoming,
And I will use every action along the way,
For the redemption of My creation,
And the glory of My name.