The fires of adversity burn hotly ‘round about me,
And walls appear faster than they can be torn down,
The mountains seems steeper with each step,
And the path grows longer each time I look,
Here I am trying to walk your way,
Answering your call,
And acting in the vision you have given me,
And yet I can go nowhere,
I am weighted down with troubles,
And sorrows continue to accumulate,
Where are You now?
You who do not abandon or forsake,
For my troubles are many,
 And I feel overwhelmed with agony.

Do you not see where you are child?
These are refining fires,
And in weakness you grow strong,
You stand now in the process of becoming,
Where vision and calling meet with acting and being,
Was Abram always Abraham,
Or Simon always Peter,
The journey towards who you will be,
Is very difficult for who you are,
But all things are possible with me,
And I am always with you in all things.

I will set my hands to the task ahead,
And sing your praises in the trial,
For You do not forsake Your children,
Nor abandon those who call your name,
You are a rewarder of those who diligently seek you,
And you give grace to those who remain humble before you,
My calling and ministry are mine only because you gave them,
And only you can grant success,
For unless the Lord build the house,
Its laborers work in vain,
But you have laid the plans and foundation,
And now I will work to see this thing to completion.

In all you set your hand to my child,
I will grant you success,
For you have given your whole heart to that which I appointed you,
Jacob was not always Israel,
And Saul was not always Paul,
So now you are becoming,
What I created you to be,
Your growth will be in Me,
And without Me you cannot succeed,
I will have all the glory,
And no man will be able to boast making you who you are,
Labor in the becoming,
Until at last you are complete,
For I am not a Master who is unable to make His servants stand


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