There you go walking straight into the wall,
Once more struggling against the flow,
In busy over crowded streets,
I can see it in your eyes,
The loneliness of your direction,
Your sweat is coming harder now,
As you struggle to keep your feet moving,
Your hands are trembling,
And your heart is giving out,
But shore up your faith and don’t give out

You were never from this place,
You don’t really belong here,
The Kingdom above is calling,
Now keep your feet till you find your way back home,
Hold you ground and press ahead,
Fight the good fight,
Don’t be so down when you don’t fit in,
Neither did He and you are His,
Don’t be amazed that the going is hard,
You aren’t of this world,
Why should you expect it to offer you comfort?

You may be lonely friend,
Wandering the narrow, winding path,
But look at the road before you,
Can’t you see how well worn it is,
The Road of the Cross may often be lonely,
But so many have gone before you,
And so many will come behind,
Listen to the whisper in your ear,
And walk in the way you know you must go

Fight the fight,
Keep the Faith,
Raze the works of Hell to the ground,
Ride home into the Kingdom,
A victorious prince who has done his Father’s will,
And invested in his Father’s business,
Don’t come running in screaming,
With your tail between your legs,
Having spent you whole life,
Only longing for Heaven and escape from hardship,
You journey with a purpose,
The kingdom grows with each well-placed footstep,

The footsteps of the cross grow harder,
But He will not let your strength fail,
If you keep your eyes fixed upon Him,
Your victory is already won,
You need only to walk it out,
Continue your journey of faith my friend,
Knowing in confidence,
That the one who began this work will finish,
We may have trouble in this world,
But He has overcome the world.


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