Stop Demanding Change!

Over the last few years, more and more Americans have begin to demand that things be changed. Change the government, change the environment, change the education system, change the church, change our moral values, change everything! In particular it has grown more and more common to demand that our political leaders or other national figures propose some kind of plan or solution for the problems we now face.

There is just one problem with all this demanding of solutions, our various representatives, those in government, the figures we look up to, etc. are all just reflections of ourselves. Their values are our values. If we are unwilling to take the steps necessary for real change to occur, they will be too. With the exception of a very specific type of people, a type of people we today don’t have much appreciation for; no leader can make substantial changes against the will of the people he leads. For this reason, we and not our leaders must take the blame for the difficult position we are now in.

If you want things to be different, stop demanding change and BE THE CHANGE!


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