Rebirth of a Mystic

Somewhere back along life’s path,
An imperceptible moment passed,
And the color of life began to bleed out,
Now all that remains is an empty gray,
Over time the music slowly faded,
Until the Song of Creation grew cold and silent,
But the problem lies not with life itself,
The error is our own,
We see not, because our eyes are blind,
We hear not, because our ears are deaf,
We set out to solve life’s mysteries,
But instead we killed them,
Now we can’t see the Truth,
Because of all of our facts,
Even when confronted with the greatest of wonders,
We merely shrug – having heard it all before,
The tales and legends of our past,
We explain away as myth and superstition,
We claim to be people of faith,
Believing what we cannot see,
But we can’t even believe that which we can’t understand.

Lift up your head,
And contemplate the stars,
Can you account for their eternal rhythm?
Have you ordained the pattern of their fiery dance?
They are singers of the ancient melody,
Their voices are lifted in their Maker’s praise,
They dance for His glory and His delight,
Keep you ear attuned long enough,
And you will hear a gentle song rising in the back ground,
Which with the break of dawn will come crashing in as the stars grow quiet,
For the birds of the morning carry on the song of the stars,
And pour forth their own take on the melody of Creation.
Watch them and listen,
Remember who you are.
Accept these things with the wonder of a child,
For His child you are,
Let the song seep in,
To heal and revive your heart,
If you want to move forward,
Then you must go back the way you came.

Lower your gaze back to the earth,
Contemplate the oceans and the seas,
Have you commanded the tides in their set times?
Can you alter their coming out or going in by even one minute?
Watch as the water leaps up into the air and takes to the clouds,
Only to come pouring back down again upon the thirsty earth.
Can you bring the rains in their seasons?
In your great wisdom can you cause it to rain or snow?
As the Divinely appointed light of the sun passes through the glittering gems of water,
Can you hold back the rainbow?
Listen to the sound of the waves breaking on the shore,
To the rivers pouring down from rocky heights,
The cooling rain falling lightly upon the trees,
To the small streams rushing through their courses.
Do you hear the song?
Can you hear the praises of the Guiding hand?
Retrain your ears and re-embrace the wonder,
Listen again as a child,
Only then will you understand,
If you want to move forward,
You must go back the way you came.

Broaden agains your gaze,
Consider the forms of light,
The twinkling of the sunlight on the trees on a clear day,
The fire stretching and leaping high into the night sky,
The sunset awash with color,
The soft light of the moon upon the waters,
You boast that you have made light with your own wisdom,
But the light has gone out of you,
Where is the light behind your eyes,
Or the passion with which the fire leaps in praise?
You claim understanding,
Yet the essence of light escapes you,
All your inventions and bottled light,
Amount to nothing more than cheap tricks and convenient trinkets!
Have you set the sun in its course in the heavens?
Can you drive the chariot that causes it to fly on the wings of the wind?
Are the seasons of the moon your doing?
Can you by your word create even the smallest spark of fire?
You have focused so much on what causes these things,
That you have forgotten what they are.
Each dawn is a miracle,
And every sunset a master painting,
You have piled up knowledge without wisdom,
You claim superiority through your science over the superstitions of old,
Yet you have less understanding than they did,
They danced with the earth around the sun,
You have stood and watched from the outside unimpressed,
Remember who you are,
Become again a child of your Father,
If you want to go forward,
You must go back the way you came.

Turn your eyes to the earth,
Watch the bright Spring flowers unfold,
The leaves of Fall turn crimson and purple,
See the seedling first emerge from underneath the earth,
And ripe fruit develop on the branch,
Is even this no longer a miracle to you?
Can you account for the sweet scent of the flower?
Have you commanded the Fall display,
Rather than simply a shriveling and deadness?
Can you cause a plan to reach up through the ground from its seed?
Do you hold the power to make fruit appear on the branch?
Allow yourself to be in wonder,
At the display of the fields of earth,
The colors, the smells, and even the taste,
Stand amazed that the tiniest of seeds,
Small and seemingly dead,
Can produce green and growing things,
Even to the largest tree of the forest,
It is time to accept,
That while you may be able to explain,
You cannot understand,
For why should the fruit of the orchard be pleasing to your mouth,
Or the flower or Autumn leaf pleasing to your eye,
Only one reason stands,
You were created by a loving Creator,
And placed in a world filled with wonders beyond your comprehension,
The display even now around you points to His great grace,
Turn back to Him,
And wonder at His marvelous works,
If you want to move forward,
You must go back the way you came.

Step out of your world of asphalt and concrete,
Put down your electronic gadgets,
For a moment let the world of man-made counterfeits fall away from you,
Contemplate the created order,
And re-become what you once were,
You knew better as a child,
Than you do as an adult,
If you want to move forward,
You must go back the way you came.

Somewhere back along the way,
The Sacred became standard,
The wonders of the world ceased to cause us to wonder,
We have heard the truth so many times,
That its mystery is completely gone,
We claim to hold tightly to sound doctrine,
But we’ve made it empty and void,
The wonder of what we say we believe defies us,
We’ve drained the force from it and made it common,
In times past there were 7 sacraments,
We will have none,
If a doctrine be to difficult,
We will ignore the doctrine to protect our own understanding,
We claim to be people of faith,
Believing what we cannot see,
But we can’t even believe that which we can’t understand.

Open your mind and consider Child,
The hand that flung the stars in space,
The One who makes light shine out of the darkness,
The Word that upholds the world,
He who alone is author and sustainer,
He who will return on a great white horse,
With a sword coming out from His mouth to destroy His enemies,
He who treads the wine press of the wrath of God,
And who will utterly destroy all evil,
This is He,
Who stepped down from His throne in heaven,
And came to the earth as a helpless child,
The power incarnate in the Child in Bethlehem,
Was the power that made this world,
The hand that was pierced on Calvary,
Shaped man from the dust of the earth,
Return again to your ancient creeds,
Walk again the path of you fathers,
Only then will you truly see,
Only then can you know the truth,
If you want to move forward,
You must go back the way you came.

Had death been cheated before,
Has another of Adam’s sons defied it?
Is it only a small mystery to you,
That a man should get up from the grave and walk away?
These things are unheard of,
Yet you’ve heard them all before.
Does the power of resurrection,
Hold no meaning for you?
Ponder My power and love revealed,
That a Man should willingly go to the grave,
To give His life for His enemies and murderers,
Only to arise on 3rd day,
And leave the tomb empty and defeated,
This power has been revealed in you,
You were dead once,
Now through Him you live again,
Consider the magnitude of the Christ’s power revealed in you,
And walk carefully lest you trample it under your feet,
You have been given life everlasting,
If you want to move forward you must go back the way you came.

Do men walk uninvited into the thrones of Kings?
Can you by your own authority appear before this world’s leaders,
Demanding that they take action?
Yet you, through the blood, have been given the right,
To walk boldly before the throne,
And to petition the Lord of all the Universe, maker of heaven and earth,
Yet in your familiarity,
You have chosen not to use your birthright through the second birth,
If you speak to your Father at all,
It is mostly about petty and small things,
You could have turned the whole world upside down,
If only you actually believed what you believe,
In you has been entrusted the gift,
To unleash the power of the Holy Spirit of God on the earth,
To open a door and make heavenly realities apply here and now,
When you see oppression and wickedness,
When you see the innocent being tormented,
Or the widow or orphan abused,
You maintain the ability to put a full stop to it,
By the power of your Sovereign God,
Yet you cannot seem to make yourself do so,
If you want to move forward,
You must go back the way you came.

Become again a little child,
Return to your sense of wonder and awe,
Accept the ancient creeds of your fathers,
And walk the paths they walked,
Take up an active and true Faith,
Let belief supersede understanding,
Did you really expect the God of the Universe,
In all His fulness and glory,
Could be fully understood by you?
Accept True belief,
And set aside your empty facts,
Let mysticism be reborn in your spirit,
Let the wonder of creation and her Creator dawn in you again,
Let the shock and scandal of the cross flood your heart with grief,
Come again to a place of awe before your maker,
The one who is both Lord and Savior,
Worship in holy reverence,
With your eyes and mind open to His world and work,
Trust as you did as a child,
Then you will believe what you believe,
Then your faith will be alive and not dead,
Only then will you be able to keep moving forward,
Because you will have gone back the way you came.


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