Daily Scripture Meditation

Judges 4 recounts the story of Deborah and Barak and their defeat of Sisera, who up to that time had been oppressing Israel. In verse 9 Barak has the honor of killing of Sisera taken from him and given to a woman because of his demand that Deborah go with him into battle.

The mistake of Barak, is a very common mistake among people of Faith today. Barak was desperate for the presence of the prophetess, rather than the presence of God. It would have been viewed much differently if Barak had refused to go up unless the Spirit of The Lord go with Him, but instead he wanted the presence of the Lord’s minister.

How often we are guilty of seeking the servant when we ought to be seeking the master. It is very easy to get caught up with one good teacher, or a particularly capable minister of the Gospel; but when we do this we very often lose sight of their master. There is nothing wrong with seeking the wisdom of others, particularly those who have a deep anointing of the Holy Spirit on their lives and a deep understanding of God’s Word; but we must use caution not to miss the voice of the Spirit in the multitude of human voices.


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